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Mariska Maas – Business Analyst

“Seeing the difference that 3D printing can make in people’s lives is so inspiring“

During my studies, I was already fascinated by the quick development of 3D printing and the possibilities the technology creates. I tried to use 3D printing in all my projects and contributed to the creation of courses on the technology for professionals. From there, the step to applying for a job at Ultimaker made a lot of sense, as the organisation is at the core of 3D technology innovation. I see what difference our technology can make in people’s lives. For example, just a few weeks ago, we tested an application that scans an arm, and then prints a brace that exactly matches the arm’s proportions. Such technology can be a great addition to the medical field and change people’s daily lives. Working with these machines sometimes feels like magic!

Endless technological possibilities

I also love the endless possibilities to be creative with technology. At Ultimaker, we have plenty of room to work on exciting side projects, for example during the “Hackathon”. At the Hackathon, you have the opportunity to present an innovative idea with your technology of choice, gather a team to work on your project and eventually present it as a new invention. This year I was able to pick up a project called the “OK clicking robot”, which you can program to push buttons on a touchscreen. When finished, it was immediately used at Ultimaker: solutions like these save time and give developers the space to work on other creative and innovative projects. These opportunities to be creative with technology, such as the Hackathon, give me extra energy to work on my daily tasks.”

The opportunity to further develop myself

I am currently transitioning from my role as Quality Engineer to Business Analyst. At Ultimaker, I have the opportunity to further develop myself in the field that I know will challenge me the most. This new role functions in an earlier stage of the software development process, which gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with many of our clients from all over the world and translate their input to our technology. Ultimaker has a large user base of individual as well as professional clients: this creates a very interesting balance between different needs and wishes. Luckily, we work with an extremely passionate, creative and international team that knows how to work with the magic that is 3D printing.