Doubra Okunwei

Doubra Okunwei - Assembly Operator

“3D printers are the future.”

During my education, I already heard that 3D printers are the future. That's why I didn't hesitate for a second when I got the chance to work at Ultimaker. I really enjoy building and assembling multiple printers a day. In addition, I sometimes also take on other tasks, such as testing the printers. This keeps the work nice and varied and I learn more and more myself. There is also a very nice working atmosphere within Ultimaker, you can really talk to everyone. From the people in the office to your production colleagues. I also regularly organize futsal tournaments in which everyone can participate, they are always a great success!

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Peter Verhoeven - Assembly Operator

“You get a lot of variety in your work.”

I myself am especially good at small tinkering, which I also enjoy doing. At Ultimaker I make all kinds of screws and bolts for parts for the 3D printers, that suits me completely. I also like the variety, you are not doing the same thing all day. The results of the work still amaze me, it's really unbelievable what you can do with a 3D printer. And then the colleagues are also nice. You can ask anyone for help and the atmosphere is very nice.

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Gerda de Bie - Assembly Operator

“You get the chance to keep developing yourself.”

I have enjoyed working at Ultimaker for more than 7 years. Before this I had never heard of a 3D printer, so it was all new to me. I quickly learned how to build a printer and I think it's cool to see how you can make something like that from all those parts. That's really special. In those 7 years I have seen all the steps in the process, from building to testing the printers. The variety in tasks is very nice and you can learn a lot in terms of content. You also get the chance to keep developing yourself and you can even move up if you want to.