SDB2022-01-19 0001-66

Ruben Kox - Test Automation Engineer

“Everybody here is a huge 3D printing geek.”

As a student, I regularly worked with 3D printers, one of them actually was an Ultimaker printer. So, I was already acquainted with the technology before I came to Ultimaker. For me, 3D printing is all about the experience. My hands are always itching to build something. Being able to come up with new ideas, press a button, and see that idea come to life right in front of your eyes is awesome.

Building solutions from scratch

I joined Ultimaker because I wanted to work in an environment where your opinions and your work really matter. Here, I truly feel the effects of what I do. In my role as Test Automation Engineer, I am part of the embedded systems team that works on a framework which is used to automatically run tests. This role allows me to build solutions from scratch that in the end deliver efficiency, consistency, and quality. The tests that we’ve automated are varied, ranging from testing reliability of loading materials, to checking the successfulness of upgrading to new firmware versions from all older versions. I am really proud of what we are developing, especially how it fits in the market. We always try to act on our customers’ needs. To build a product that has great quality, but also exceeds expectations is ultimately what it is all about.

Learning new things everyday

Everybody here is a huge 3D printing geek and that passion we share together feels like magic to me. That is why, of the Ultimaker values (trust, transformation, openness, magic and involvement), magic really resonates with me. I also value openness and trust. I like that there is a lot of room for sharing knowledge, insights, and learnings. Every day I learn new things. Besides that, I feel that Ultimaker is very straightforward about what we are doing. We say what we do, and we do what we say.

A playground for adults

Even though we are moving towards more of a scaled-up company, it still feels like we are a startup. I love the atmosphere at Ultimaker, which just breathes enthusiasm and passion. Everybody loves the product, from making it to using it. The office feels like a playground where we get to explore the fun. We try to do as much as we can together, because we are a very close team. Even during the pandemic, we host nights where everyone within the company gets together in a video call and just talks to each other. It’s great, because you get to speak to people you usually wouldn’t see so often, like colleagues from other continents.