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Coronavirus: Let’s do our part

In this time of crisis, the 3D printing community can help put tools and parts that are in short supply into the hands of medical teams.

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Company labs, maker spaces, individuals, and groups. Over 850 Ultimaker hubs and designers have offered to support medical needs with 3D printing and application design. Check the map to learn what help is available near you.

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Fill out this form to request support in designing parts that are running out and/or that are in danger of becoming scarce. You can also offer help in designing those parts.

Autodesk COVID-19 design and manufacturing hub

Visit Autodesk's design and manufacturing hub

Contribute to combating COVID-19 around the world with Autodesk. Their hub includes open-source design efforts, design and validation resources, links to manufacturing resources, and more.

Guidelines on how you can help with 3D printing hero

Follow these essential guidelines

And feel more confident to help with 3D printing

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Think before you print

We love your enthusiasm! And we firmly believe that local 3D printing can supply a real need for many applications – maybe even for:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Spare parts for medical equipment

  • Add-ons for medical equipment and PPE, like splitters, adapter pieces, etc.

But times are changing quickly. And as initiatives progress, it's clear that there are still many questions and ambiguities around what to do and (maybe even more importantly) what not to do.

So we put together these guidelines so you can feel more confident that the help you provide is really helping others.

It's important to remember:

  1. Medical applications have safety measures for good reasons

  2. Regarding these applications, medical professionals should decide what's needed and we should only act on their request. For example, at Ultimaker, we recognize we are a manufacturer of 3D printers – we are not necessarily equipped to manufacture medical parts

  3. 3D printing may not be the best option. Other technologies might be more suitable

  4. Provide all relevant info. A disclaimer should cover intended use, user, use environment, and limitations for use. And who is responsible for use and testing before use


Ultimaker is a manufacturer of 3D printers. In addition and when requested to do so, Ultimaker as a service supports its customers and others in creating 3D designs and in helping with print preparation, post-processing, and application consultancy. Parts and products created from those designs, their certification, intended use and/or use conditions remain the sole responsibility of the company or persons producing and/or using these parts. Ultimaker shall not be liable for any damage incurred as a result of printing design, choice of materials, and/or the use of the printed parts or assemblies using such parts.

In relation to current COVID-19 initiatives, Ultimaker explicitly states that parts printed and products derived therefrom with the intention to provide protection against any virus or other hazardous substance or specimen should be carefully examined on their suitability for the intended use. Healthcare experts or occupational hygienists may be able to assist in this evaluation.