Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

CAPT Brad Baker

Associate Professor, United States Naval Academy – Maryland, USA


CAPT Brad Baker is the creator of MakerSpace USNA, where he introduces students at the United States Naval Academy to additive manufacturing technology. 3D printing is an area of strong interest to the United States Navy and Department of Defense. Noticing a lack of education on the subject, CAPT Baker began to lay out plans for what eventually became MakerSpace USNA.

Makerspace USNA

“I built MakerSpace USNA predominantly as a prototyping and instructional space, but I believe that 3D printing will soon be a means to produce viable parts with a wide range of possible benefits from decreased production time, increased design space, or capabilities we have not even conceived yet,” CAPT Baker says.

3D printing requires engineering knowledge, creativity, and innovation. I view 3D printing as an enabling capability.

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