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Marcus Schindler

CEO, Schubert Additive Solutions GmbH – Crailshem, Germany


At Schubert Additive Solution GmbH, 3D printing is on the threshold of a new era. Its PartBox part streaming platform aims to revolutionize not only component design, but also the supply chain and warehousing.

With the PartBox – the motto of which is “Click & Print” – electronic design data can be retrieved and produced from a “digital warehouse” anywhere in the world, within seconds. Access to this verified and manufacturer-certified print data is made possible by Schubert Additive Solutions – a young spin-off of Crailshem, Germany-based Gerhard Schubert GmbH.

Schubert Additive Solutions' Partbox
Schubert Additive Solutions' Partbox

“Whoever wants to benefit from the Part Streaming platform requires only a commercial filament 3D printer and the PartBox,” Marcus Schindler, Schubert Additive Solutions’ CEO, says. “It has LTE access, and is directly and securely connected to the digital warehouse. This is already sufficient to get access to the web-based and user-friendly software.”

Schubert Additive Solutions also supports customers with consulting services for all aspects of the additive manufacturing industry, relying on more than six years of experience – and more than 120,000 in-house 3D printed components.

With a 3D printer and the connected PartBox, parts such as format, spare, and wear parts can be produced anywhere, by anyone, in any desired batch size.

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