Circular printing is around the corner

Go full circle with circular printing: now a reality thanks to the LUVOCOM 3F PA 50347 NT filament made from Aquafil's chemically recycled PA6, ECONYL®, and the Drywise by Thought3D

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Enabling sustainable Circular Additive Manufacturing

LEHVOSS Group, Thought3D, Aquafil, and Ultimaker have partnered up to bring to market a fully circular PA6 material. This PA6 material is manufactured from chemically recycled polyamide (ECONYL®) and renewable resources and that can itself be recycled into new raw material. The Drywise inline drying solution by Thought3D enables printing very hygroscopic materials, such as this PA6, without pre-drying, and with optimal results. Without the inline drying, the print would fail due to water uptake by the filament, even when stored in a drybox or the Ultimaker Material Station.

This unique solutions allows circular 3D printing of an engineering material that engineers love from injection moulding applications where the performance is needed.

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