Hello you. Yes you, thanks for stopping by. Because we can’t be there to introduce ourselves in person, we’ve put together a few words of who we are so you can get to know us a little better. Think of it as a virtual handshake, a kiss on each cheek, or a nose rub, depending on where you’re from. Let’s start at the very beginning…

It all started with a thought. We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the experience of making. Whether it was a cat dressed as an astronaut or a mechanical masterpiece. We set it as our goal to enable you to make those things. So we built a pioneering device that everyone could use and enjoy. We made it open source so everyone really could pitch in. And we started to grow.

We tinkered, tweaked, invented, innovated and reinvented. And so did our community. Together we evolved and enjoyed each other’s support as we went. And we grew some more. We followed our hearts, our instincts and our friends. We collaborated and shared over and over and over again. And still we grew.

And today? Well, we’re in multiple countries across the globe with thousands of friends in our community. Turning bits into atoms from their classroom, lab, office, home, in fact wherever they hang their hats. And together we’ll keep on growing. One layer at a time.

After all, we’re just ordinary people with extraordinary plans. When it comes down to it, evolution is in our blood. We’re always running to the future and making the unbelievable, believable. And just like our community of tenacious tinkerers, we love to try new ideas and see what works. In fact, they often conceive wonders we could never have imagined on our own. Together we make one hell of a team.