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Ultimaker x OnePlus Creative Contest - WINNERS!

  • Written by Sander van Geelen
    Mar 26, 2015
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Back in February, we teamed up with smartphone manufacturer OnePlus to host an epic contest: Design a new accessory for OnePlus that can be 3D printed and win big.

Third place wins printer filament, second place wins a 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One, and first place receives their very own Ultimaker 2 3D printer. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of amazing entries--we’ve seen some incredible designs. It was a close call, but together with OnePlus and taking into account votes from users, the finalists have been chosen.

  1. cad.codes - VR Headset
  2. AZ360VR - Charging Station
  3. 3DPrintGermany - Wheel/Camera Rig
  4. David Riesenberg - Passive Speaker Dock
  5. HangedMan Enterprises - Plus Block
  6. ajRuiz - Soundshell Amplifier
  7. ArtMax - Alpha Home
  8. Leonardo Uzcategui - Phone Projector
  9. fxmouton - Pencil Holder & Dock
  10. santosh.R.R - Scanning Dock
  11. Espanthalho64 - Magnifier & Light Stand
  12. e2n! - Selflash
  13. noideaforthis - Multilens Cover
  14. CREA Studio + Store - Lamp Stand
  15. Ktmflyer - Power Bank Case
  16. Pagan Maze - Bling Chain
  17. Dalton32 - Earbud Spool Case
  18. maris.monc - Plus Case
  19. HDblast - Crab Stand
  20. dnosr - Car Mount

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the hard work! The winners will be contacted in 24 hours. If you want to check out all entries, please use the link below.

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