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Cura 15.10 is now available for open beta testing

  • Written by Matthijs de Deugd
    Sep 4, 2015
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These are the beta release notes for new Cura. We invite you to use this beta version and give us feedback so we can improve the software for the final release. We’ve included five features that were already in the 15.04 version, so you can use these in the new Cura. There are also seven new features, that make the best 3D printing software in the world even better. Enjoy!

1. All at Once/One at a Time

Cura’s default mode is set to All At Once. You can print multiple objects faster with the option print objects One At A Time. This can be changed in Advanced Settings. Please note that in One At A Time mode, grouped objects will still be printed as a single object.

2. Setting Profiles

Now you can create preferred setting favorites and share them with others.

3. Post-Processing Plugin

This plugin supports post-processing on the GCode generated by the engine – allowing for custom scripts. For example, Pause At Height and Tweak At Z.

4. Support for Bed Leveling and other wizards

We have restored the Bed Leveling function and several other wizards that were previously available for the Ultimaker Original. Additionally, these are ready to be used with machines from other vendors (BQ, Rep Rap neo).

5. Third-Party Printer Profiles

We received printer profiles for third-party vendors (BQ, Rep Rap neo) from the community (thanks guys!). These have been included in this release.

6. 3MF File Loading Support (New)

We’re happy to report we now support loading 3MF files. This is a new file format similar to AMF, but freely available.

7. Output Device API for Developers (New)

The Storage Device API has now been replaced with the Output Device API for saving files. It’s designed to make it easier for anyone who wants to write a plugin giving them some form of output device, whether it’s a printer or a web service.

8. Improved Cut-Off Object Bottom (New)

We’ve added a feature than allows you to move objects below the build plate. This allows you to either correct a model with a rough bottom, or print only a part of an object. Please note that the implementation greatly differs from the old one where it was a setting.

9. Improved File Saving (new)

We’re happy to report that the way file saving is handled has received a huge overhaul. Now the default action is to save everything on the build plate to a file.

10. Select Multiple Objects (New)

You now have the freedom to select and manipulate multiple objects at the same time.

11. Grouping (New)

You can now group objects together to make it easier to manipulate multiple objects.  

12. Per-Object Settings (New)

You can now select different profiles for different objects and in advance mode, override individual settings.

Visit the forum topic below to download this beta release of Cura for your operating system. Please also post your findings, feedback and comments in that topic.