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Recap: World Maker Faire NY, 2015

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The 6th Annual World Maker Faire in New York City, the greatest show and tell on earth, is a couple of days behind us and we can look back at a very successful event. It has been the second time we were located in the MakerShed, where we have a premium location and enough space for our entire booth.

World Maker Faire 2015

Once again we had some wonderful stories to tell, like how James Beswick is working on breaking the world record with his high speed RC car and how we, at Ultimaker, have used the Ultimaker 2 ourselves to develop our new booth. It saved us both time and money, and we have been able to do it ourselves which is a great use case to illustrate what a democratising powers 3D printing has.

We had a great time with our community, got to meet some new faces and talked to a lot of people. Some of them went home with a brand new Ultimaker 2, or felt inspired about the possibilities of this crazy thing called 3D printing. If you weren’t at the show, you can watch the recap we made to show you what an amazing event the Maker Faire is. Hopefully next time we’ll get a chance to meet – we'll give you a tour through our booth!

World Maker Faire NY 2015
World Maker Faire NY 2015
World Maker Faire NY 2015

When you’re in the area for one of our next events, make sure to come and say hi!