Ultimaker 3D Hubs Colorfabb Star Wars Competition

Star Wars 3D design and print competition

There are few things as popular in 3D printing as Star Wars. For many of us, our first print ever was something from that universe – a Yoda head, or an R2-D2 figure, maybe a lightsaber. You could say that the Star Wars universe and the 3D printing world are deeply intertwined.

To celebrate this winning combination we've teamed up with 3D Hubs and Colorfabb to give you a chance to win one of our Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers, along with spools of Colorfabb nGen filament or 3D Hubs vouchers, in this first competition of 2016!

1st Prize:An Ultimaker 2+, our brand new model which we just presented at CES 2016!
2nd Prize:  6 spools of Colorfabb nGen or €100 3D Hubs voucher
3rd Prize:2 spools of Colorfabb nGen or €50 3D Hubs voucher

Ultimaker 3D Hubs Colorfabb Star Wars Competition Prizes

So what do you have to do to get your hands on one of these fabulous prizes? We’d like to challenge you to come up with the best 3D printable Star Wars props the internet has yet laid eyes on!

To compete you just have to do the following:

  1. Design and print an innovative 3D printable Star Wars gadget
  2. Go to the competition Talk page on 3D Hubs
  3. Attach your model's STL file to a new comment there
  4. Add a picture of your finished print to the comment
  5. Upload the model to YouMagine and add the link to your comment

Your comment on the 3D Hubs Talk page is your submission. The best innovative design will be chosen by a jury composed of 3D Hubs and Ultimaker team members. By March 21st we will declare the winner of the competition.

So good luck and remember – Do, or do not. There is no try.