Kids around the 3D Printed Gumball Capsule machines

Winner of the Ultimaker Gumball Capsule Challenge

Last week we announced the Gumball Capsule Challenge. This weekend the four gumball machines were at Maker Faire Bay Area. And today we're happy to announce the winner of the challenge!

Comstock PS 3D Souvenirs flyer
Comstock's flyer

Four schools were chosen to participate in our Gumball Capsule Challenge at this Maker Faire. Each of these four schools received vending capsules and spools of filament from us. They filled the capsules with 3D prints of their own design, then sent the capsules back to be put in gumball vending machines. Flyers from each school were taped to the machines to motivate passers-by into purchasing some of the 3D printed goods.

Early on Saturday morning we set the four machines up at our Maker Faire booth... and were stunned by their instant succes. It wasn't hard to find the Ultimaker booth in the EXPO hall - you just had to follow the trail of delighted kids, cherishing their latest haul from the gumball machines.

One quarter down, one to go
Gumball machine close-up
No one can resist the gumball machines

Children of all ages swarmed around the machines, trying to collect their favorite models. One girl bought gumball souvenirs for each of her classmates that couldn't attend the Maker Faire. A woman was so enamored with the orange We Are All Winners print that she spent at least $10 worth of quarters to get that specific capsule out. Some people even came back on Sunday after several of the machines had long sold out, hoping that new capsules would have magically appeared. Everybody wanted to have something special to remember this Maker Faire by.

Presenting the gumball machines
The four gumball machines on Saturday morning

So now it's time to announce which school has won the Ultimaker 2+ printer! The following schools participated:

It was a close race! We had to refill the machines throughout the weekend, and several of them completely ran out of their school's capsules before the faire was over. Each school will receive the money earned by their gumball machine, so no one is going home with empty hands. But after we counted the final quarter, it was clear that the winner was...

Comstock Public Schools from Kalamazoo, Michigan!

Comstock PS Climber model
Comstock PS Catapult model
Comstock PS Winners model
Examples of Comstock's prints

An impressive total of 1017 gumball capsules was sold by the Comstock gumball machine. Congratulations to the students of Comstock Public Schools and their teacher, Mark Peeters! We're sure you'll give that brand new Ultimaker 2+ printer a good home!

If you'd like to know more about Comstock's experience participating with their students, they've written a great blog post about the challenge!