3D printed Burj Khalifa

Ultimaker on the web, week 30

With the long week behind us again, it's time to get ready for the weekend. And what better way to get in the mood than our weekly highlights in this edition of Ultimaker on the Web!

3D printed Burj Khalifa souvenirs

The Burj Khalifa is one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world, towering a gigantic 829.8 meter over the Emirate of Dubai. Now 3ders.org reports something we find almost as impressive:

While already a prominent tourist destination that is displayed on countless Dubai souvenirs, visitors can now also find 3D printed Burj Khalifa statues in the building’s gift shop.

You heard that right. The Burj Khalifa tourist office has announced that their souvenir shop will sell 3D printed versions of their skyscraper, printed on their Ultimaker 2 Extended printers. Check out this official timelapse from their account:

3Z Arctic City

Artist James Abell showed off his newest creation this week, the 3Z Arctic City, a model kit of an imaginary science-fiction city he 3D printed on his Ultimaker 2.


In his latest blog post, "How to make almost anything, almost anywhere", James recounts how he traveled to the isolated FabLab Ísafjörður in the northwest of Iceland. He feels that the resources available at any FabLab in the world give an artist like him all the freedom to create, no matter the location. The beautiful but at times desolate terrain there inspired him, and he sketched out a floating city he imagined above the mountain the local population called 'The troll seat'. The sketches turned into 3DS Max models, which turned into this beatiful 3D printed model kit.

PT Scientists Mission to the Moon

In 2007 Google opened the Lunar XPRIZE, a unique challenge that invited scientists from around the world to land a privately funded rover on the moon’s surface. The PT Scientists (Part-Time Scientists) from Germany are considered one of the teams most likely to succeed, with an ongoing partnership with Audi to create their Lunar Quattro rover.

And guess what we saw when we watched their mission statement this week (at 0:16)?

There you have it ladies and gentlemen: Ultimaker is going to help bring us to the moon again.

Thanks for reading. Until next time!