The Ultimaker 3 unveiled in NYC

The Ultimaker 3 unveiled in NYC

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The Ultimaker 3 exclusive launch event took place in New Lab, Brooklyn, NY, October 18, 2016. This exciting occasion gave attendees the chance to view the new printer for the first time and discover more about its capabilities. If you missed the event (or simply want to relive it), here’s a detailed recap.


New Lab was the ideal place to hold our launch event. It’s a huge, inspirational building, and perfectly suited to innovative companies that need physical space to grow. The New Lab building was once used to build navy boats, so it seems only fitting that it’s used for creation and innovation once more. As you may already know, Ultimaker also have offices here, and a range of Ultimaker machines are available on-site for other New Lab companies to use, helping them develop high-quality prototypes and functional end-goods.

New Lab NYC
New Lab Workspace in Brooklyn

The guests

We were delighted to welcome a large number of guests to our launch event, including industry partners, customers, community members, sales & service partners and members of the press.

Here at Ultimaker, we are in a continual collaboration with both customers and our community as a whole, so it was great to meet so many of these people and to offer them an exclusive preview of the Ultimaker 3.

The speakers

A range of presenters spoke at our launch event. John Kawola, the President of Ultimaker North America, opened the event and introduced our new 3D printer. “The Ultimaker 3,” he stated, “is the next step in that progression to become more valuable and attractive to professional users.”

Jos Burger, Ultimaker’s CEO, identified the advantages of 3D printing and the benefits of the Ultimaker 3. “We have been investing a lot in new machines, software and materials,” he told the audience, “because we know that bringing these worlds together, the printer, the software, and the materials, is what is basically giving the customers the solutions they’re looking for.”

Reliable hardware, engineering materials and cutting-edge software change the face of manufacturing and production, offering exciting new opportunities.

The Ultimaker and agile design

Jon Hirschtick, co-founder and CEO of Onshape, a Massachusetts-based company that created the world’s first full-cloud professional 3D CAD system, talked about his experiences with Ultimaker. He also outlined how businesses are relying increasingly on the agile design process when designing their products. Agile design enables companies to innovate at greater speed, and accessible 3D printing and full-cloud CAD systems are the perfect partners for this process.

Jon Hirschtick, CEO of Onshape

Industrial users

John Dulchinos, VP of Digital Manufacturing for Jabil, the world’s 3rd largest contract manufacturer, is responsible for directing his company’s 3D printing and automation businesses. He shared a few details about what industrial users are looking for in the 21st century – namely:

  • Consistent, predictive printing
  • Access to a range of engineering materials
  • High duty cycle and utilization
  • Superior operational MTBF and MTTR
  • Full compliance with factory safety standards
  • Remote visibility, status and access to networked printers
  • Shared access to files and printers

He also shared his experience with Ultimaker printers, “Within hours of set up, we had already solved the needs of replacement parts that could go directly into the workflow in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of an outside vendor.”

John Dulchinos, Jabil VP of Digital Manufacturing

Siert Wijnia, our Co-Founder and CTO, wrapped up the event and finally unveiled the Ultimaker 3, concluding that: “By democratizing the professional 3D printing space, we make the technology accessible and applicable in new engineering spheres that were not possible before.”

The Ultimaker 3

Guests were then given the opportunity to see the Ultimaker 3 machines, take photos and find out more about their capabilities.

The new Ultimaker 3 is engineered for higher uptime, faster changeovers and reliable, consistent results. It allows users to print complex functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and high-detail mechanical parts with industrial-grade build and water soluble support material combinations. The swappable print cores allow users to switch materials in a matter of moments.

Preconfigured Cura profiles automatically adjust the necessary settings for each material and print core – resulting in a more efficient, seamless 3D printing experience. Users can also select from a wide range of materials, including Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE and PVA – with an engineering material portfolio due to be expanded in the future with CPE+, PC and TPU 95A. You can find out more about the features here, or view the full specs here.

The Ultimaker 3 unveiled

Thank you

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who came to the launch event, and we hope you were inspired by what you saw. To keep up with the latest news, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social channels, and you can find out about upcoming 3D printing events here. Join us as we shape the future!