Kristel Boere of Ultimaker

Inside Ultimaker: Meet Kristel Boere

As we all know, a company is only as great as the team that drives it forward. Ultimaker has a remarkable team of people, each with their own unique talents and skill sets. Our Inside Ultimaker series provides the opportunity to meet some of them, and find out what it’s like to work with us.

Kristel Boere is something of a legend at Ultimaker HQ. She’s been working with us since 2015 as a material engineer, and she’s responsible for the filaments that form the 3D print – a very important task indeed!

Few people know more about filaments than Kristel, and as such, she’s an integral part of the team.

Kristel Boere of Ultimaker

Before working for Ultimaker

Before Kristel joined us, she was busy with her studies – earning a degree in chemistry, a master’s in polymer synthesis for biomedical applications, and finally a PhD from Utrecht University. Remarkably, despite being busy with her learning, she managed to find the time to develop new materials for cartilage regeneration, using a bioprinter from the medical center!

She also had access to an Ultimaker machine, which gave her valuable insight into our products and how they functioned. With her study group, she was able to experiment with our 3D printers, and when a colleague told her about the vacancy with Ultimaker, she immediately applied.

What Kristel loves about the job

We asked Kristel what she enjoyed most about her role with Ultimaker. She informed us that she "loves the collaboration and discussions with different disciplines. What I also find really rewarding is 3D printing itself, and seeing the new developments realized in something that you can hold and touch.”

When quizzed about where she thought the company would be in five to 10 years, she said that “it would definitely be an exciting time,” and that “within the materials field, the possibilities will definitely expand exponentially. This going to mean stronger and more diverse materials with greater print quality.

Quick-fire questions

  • What’s your favorite 3D print?

    I love fully assembled prints, especially when they’re movable. For me, this clearly demonstrates the benefits of 3D printing. A great example of this is the platform jack – something we often use in the laboratory.

  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Ultimaker?

    We have a lot of flexibility and since the field is evolving so quickly, no week is the same.

  • What are your passions outside Ultimaker?

    When I get a moment, I love to go running, and I also love traveling to new places. Also, as a chemist, I’ve found myself naturally drawn to brewing specialty beers – some of them are very tasty!

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