Yoeri Remmig of Ultimaker

Inside Ultimaker: Meet Yoeri Remmig

Ultimaker is driven by a team of amazing people, each with their own unique talents and skill sets. In our Inside Ultimaker series, we’ll introduce you to our team members and give you some insight into what it’s like to work with us.

Aesthetics are vitally important to any company. Image, as they say, is everything – and it takes a talented individual to create perfect artistic appeal. We’re lucky enough to have Yoeri Remmig as our Graphic Designer, who oversees every aspect of Ultimaker’s visual design.

Yoeri protects our brand, by ensuring everyone follows the guidelines he sets up when creating something visual. He’s responsible for all visual material, from tiny icons to large packaging.

What made Yoeri come to Ultimaker?

Before working at Ultimaker, Yoeri was with a company called Coolblue, working as a Social Media Marketer – valuable experience for his current position. However, although he enjoyed this role, he wanted to make better use of his qualifications, which were in graphic design, illustration, and fine arts.

His lifelong dream was to become a Graphic Designer, so when the position became available at Ultimaker, he didn’t hesitate to apply.

Yoeri Remming of Ultimaker

What’s an average day like?

Yoeri tells us that his day starts with “coffee, a lot of coffee.” After that, he checks his mail, then meets with his colleagues to discuss what needs to be done, and also to ensure all deadlines are being met. He then starts work on new projects, tackling tight deadlines, and working closely with colleagues on various side projects.

We asked Yoeri what the best part about his job was, and he informed us that it was: “Being able to create a brand, help it explore new possibilities and making it recognizable all over the world.” He also loves working with his team and visiting amazing new places.

Outside work

When Yoeri isn’t working, he likes to sleep as much as possible! When he’s awake, however, he loves exploring the world, running, and getting better acquainted with beer. He also enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, and listening to music.

Quick-fire questions

  • What are three words to describe your team?

    Utterly committed and passionate.

  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Ultimaker?

    A ton of freedom and trust, and appreciation for the things I create.

  • Where do you think Ultimaker will be in the next 5 years?

    I think Ultimaker (and the industry) will have grown tremendously, heading towards an even more professional segment of the market.

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