Ultimaker 3 firmware update

Ultimaker 3 firmware update: What’s new in version 3.5?

We’re always striving to make our products as stable as possible. We’ve been working on a firmware update to the Ultimaker 3 to address issues and make important improvements. Here’s a quick summary of the changes.

Active leveling

  • The new active leveling takes less time by starting closer to the build plate.
  • The new measurement system probes on 6 positions instead of 4. This has proven to be more reliable.

Unloading material and print core procedures

The unload/change materials/print core procedure is now faster. When the material is properly deprimed, the heat up sequence is skipped for faster unload/change procedures.  

Print cores and XY calibration

  • Print core communication with firmware and software has been improved. It now covers all uncalibrated possibilities and communicates this to the user. The moment you start to print with an uncalibrated configuration, the Ultimaker 3 will advise you to calibrate the print core.
  • The reliability and readability of the XY calibration print have been improved to correct over-extrusion.
  • Usage data about print cores is now stored within “About the Printer”. Now you can read the amount of time that a print core was used, the amount of material it has extruded, and the maximum temperature achieved.

NFC reader/writer

We improved the stability of scanning material spools to make this feature more reliable.

Safety enhancements

The build plate and print head action was slightly changed for safety. The print head is now accessible without encountering hand injury from the heated build plate.  

Ultimaker 3 in relation to Cura

There is now an extra interface within the printer so that Cura can identify where it is an Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended.

User interface

UI texts and components were refined and polished for clarity.

Power usage

Power budget is optimized to prevent overload of the power supply.


DRAM frequency in the boot loader has been reduced to prevent printers from freezing.

Do you need help updating the firmware? Check out this guide. Do you have any questions or comments? Join our community of 3D printing experts and innovators!

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Benny Anonymous User
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Posted Jan 10, 2017 - 12:14 AM


The Problem is still there.

if i only "raise" the plate, then pushes it also at the nozzle and press de plate a little into the spring (unter des plate)

and yes..., i calibrate de Z Axis before. (and i also try to calibrate the plate manullay before i try to do it active.)

i don't know what the problem is. but since the update it only works when i leveling manual. active leveling doesnt work on my um3.

best regards


HappyMaker Anonymous User
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Posted Mar 15, 2017 - 5:13 AM

I really like to see these consistent releases.

I do have a gripe or two though...

1. When are we going to be able to pause a print and change the material??!!!


2. Why did you take away M142 gcode support? It was easy for us to change the lighting with it, the code exists and yet now the support is gone?

Otherwise, keep up the good work.

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