3D printing classroom

The Pioneer Program

The Ultimaker Education Pioneers are a community of educators who are committed to bringing digital fabrication to the classroom, fostering student engagement, and sharing their ideas with others. They are leading the way by developing and sharing 3D printing lessons, programs, labs, and classroom experiences.

Throughout the year you can find an ongoing stream of Pioneer articles, lessons, tutorials, and advice. You can find all of the Pioneer contributions and useful resources at Ultimaker Education. If you want to join the conversation yourself, ask questions, or just say hello, then reach out in the comment sections of our blog posts, post on the Ultimaker Education Forum, or email us at [email protected].

Become a Pioneer

The North American Pioneer program welcomes North American applicants of all experience levels from K-12 schools, colleges, libraries, makerspaces, after-school programs, or wherever 3D printing is used in an educational setting. The Pioneer Program is for educators who are enthusiastic about sharing their journey with others, regardless of what 3D printers they use or what skill level they possess. Pioneers share lessons, tutorials, blog posts, and articles based on their teaching experience, while still retaining Creative Commons licensing of their content. Ultimaker supports Pioneers by featuring and celebrating their work, creating networking opportunities with other Pioneers, and offering beta-testing programs for hardware, software, and materials that are relevant to 3D printing in education.

If you’d like to become a Pioneer yourself, we welcome you to apply. We would love to add your voice to the community.