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Library stories: Becoming a 3D printing expert

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    Jul 13, 2017
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Libraries are great places for people to come in and try using a 3D printer, but they can also create strong communities of regular makers. Here are two stories of how hobbyists became 3D printing experts for their libraries.

Leandra's story

Leandra has been coming to the East Palo Alto Library since she was a little girl. Her life has not been easy, she was not able to complete high school and has been homeless for a long time. The library is a safe place for her, and she likes to spend the day playing computer games or watching videos. One day, staff hosted a 3D printer open house, and Leandra participated in the program and printed her first object. It took her a while to get comfortable with the process, but now she is the resident 3D printing expert at our library. She has shown countless kids and adults how to use 3D printers and has printed personalized keychains for all the library staff.


East Palo Alto Library
East Palo Alto Library

Tom's story

Tom has been printing at the Brisbane Library for the past 8 months, which was working on a fully functioning flight simulator to be ready in time for the Bay Area Maker Faire in May. He printed about 30-50 parts and also used the South San Francisco Library MakerSpace. Here are some pictures of different pieces. Tom is a valuable asset to the library and the community as he is able to mentor and provide feedback to young makers who don’t have the vast experience in machining and design. You can also check out Tom’s website.

Tom's Flight Simulator
Tom's Flight Simulator

Tom's Flight Simulator
Tom's Flight Simulator

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