Matt Griffin, Team Ultimaker

Inside Ultimaker: Meet Matt Griffin

Ultimaker is a global brand with devoted users all over the world. The Ultimaker team is global too. This edition of the Inside Ultimaker series introduces you to a member in the US office and lets you see how we are spreading the passion for 3D printing.

Matt Griffin is the Director of Community for Ultimaker North America. His team is responsible for engaging with existing users of Ultimaker software, materials, and machines, and also our service partners, collaborators, and peers in the desktop 3D printing field. Matt's job focuses on all communities: online, in-person, professional, and field of research. Not only does he spend time with businesses, thought leaders, designers, and other 3D printing enthusiasts, he also spends time talking with and learning from those who haven’t identified their strategy for desktop 3D printing yet.

Matt Griffin of Ultimaker North America

Before Ultimaker

Matt is a 5th generation Texan, born and raised in Dallas. But he calls New York home. (And his rancher relatives call him "the New Yorker".) He has a Bachelors degree in Theater/Film from Middlebury College, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Writing from Columbia University. He was the first Community Manager for the MakerBot team and in 2012 he joined Adafruit Industries as Director of Community & Support. He became a member of the Ultimaker North America team in 2015, and was instrumental in its setup.

Average Day

When Matt is in the Ultimaker office, he starts his day at 6 a.m. He calls 6 a.m. to noon “Dutch Morning” because that is the magic time he can reach the Ultimaker headquarters in real-time.

After that, he contacts people within the other North America time zones as their business days begin. He splits his time between researching the latest desktop 3D printing developments, supporting the education community, writing content, and developing future projects. He also performs site visits and in-person meetings in town and on the road. He travels frequently to critical events, conferences, and partnership meetings. Because the professional 3D printing audience is large, there are always events to attend across the country.

Quick-fire questions

  • What three words best describe your team?

    Passionate, helplessly curious, persistent. Sorry, that’s more than 3, but hopefully you can forgive me.

  • What’s the best part of your job?

    Spending time learning from, observing, and celebrating designers, artists, educators, hackers, and engineers who each in their fields are dazzlingly creative, intelligent, and passionate to share their hard-won techniques with the world. I love that our solutions are not the final product themselves for any of our customers: we make the best tools to empower others to solve concept, design, technical, and practical challenges. And in doing so, to have immediate tangible results that they can use to communicate with clients and collaborators.

  • How do you think the 3D printing industry and Ultimaker will change in the next 5-10 years?

    Having been active in this field since 2009, I know how impossible it is to answer this question accurately. Frankly, I’m most excited about the era starting right now where the machines are getting so good that they are shifting into the background. The operators aren't wondering if desktop printers will work, they are using them as a fundamental tool among all of the tools at their disposal to create with more freedom, imagination, and precision.

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