David Braam of Ultimaker

Inside Ultimaker: Meet David Braam

Ultimaker's workplace culture fosters creativity and encourages productivity and collaboration. Each of our employees represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and aware of how limitless Ultimaker's potential is to grow. Our Inside Ultimaker series introduces you to the team and the inner workings of the company.


Meet David, our software engineer. He develops the software that runs our 3D printers. In particular, David developed both the firmware and Cura. And as Ultimaker grew, David decided to focus his work solely on the 3D printer.

Before Ultimaker

David earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and went to work at Peek Traffic building traffic systems. If you’ve noticed the matrix signs above the highways in the Netherlands or received a ticket from a speeding camera, you are familiar with David’s work. Four years ago, he bought an Ultimaker printer, which he loved. The love didn’t extend to the software that came with the printer at the time. So, he developed Cura. Ultimaker was impressed by the performance of Cura and invited David to come onboard and join the software team.

David Braam of Ultimaker

An average day

His usual day is all about building new features, as well as coordinating technical implementation details between the in-house developers. As one of the developers that has worked at Ultimaker the longest, David is one on the team with the most product knowledge. Sharing his knowledge is one of the ways Ultimaker keeps producing the best product possible. David admits he works hard but loves what he does. “It is rewarding to produce software that the whole world is enthusiastic about.”

Quick-fire questions

  • What’s your favorite 3D print?

    My favorite is an old classic, the screwless cube gears. It may be an oldie, but it is a goodie. This print never fails to amaze anyone.

  • What are three words to describe your team?

    I would say we are motivated, smart nerds.

  • What’s your favorite thing about working at Ultimaker?

    I love being on the edge of what is currently state of the art. We're pushing the market forward, and I get to work on technologically advanced and challenging problems every day.

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