Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 5

Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 5

  • Contriibuted by Lizabeth Arum and Matt Griffin
    Oct 2, 2017
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Welcome to the Ultimaker Design Engine Starter Pack—a card game created to provoke, inspire, and entertain students, educators, 3D designers, artists, and engineers of all experience levels. Specially created for the 2017 back to school season, this weekly series puts the power of design back into the hands of educators and their students.

From September 5th until October 31st, 2017, the North American community team will pose weekly challenges by drawing cards from the Design Engine Starter Pack, and we invite you to participate. If you submit at least four solutions, you will have the chance to win an Ultimaker 2 Extended+! (See the Challenge: Week 1 post for further challenge and prize details!)



Challenge card

Study this card to identify the design problem that your solution must solve.

Challenge card #1

"Put a flower in it" Design a bud vase - the more unexpected the better

Parameter cards

The parameter cards transform the challenge by providing additional consideration to address in the design.

Parameter card #1 - After

Parameter card #2 - Worst day

Modifier cards

Modifier cards introduce an additional twist by requiring a player to adjust a design or modeling strategy.

Modifier card #1 - Fillet

For further details how to participate in the weekly Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge series, refer to the Challenge details in the Challenge: Week 1 post.

Design Engine @ JeffDESIGN


Dr Bon Ku Introduces Design Engine to Medical Students

JeffDESIGN, at Thomas Jefferson University Sidney Kimmel Medical College, in Philadelphia, PA, is a unique design certificate program for medical students that introduces approaches to creative problem solving alongside traditional medical curriculum. The JeffDESIGN team, who participate in the Ultimaker Pioneer Program, hosted a Design Engine launch event with an added twist: their solutions focused on hospital-context and healthcare outcomes.


Students present polyplant pitch at JeffDESIGN


Baloosh Pitch at JeffDESIGN

JeffDESIGN's approach is very much in keeping with our goals for the Design Engine. Rather than limit the mechanics of play to serving one framework, we left this open to the needs and aims of those participating. The gameplay session was productive for these medical school students and professors!

Having the parameters and modifiers forces you to think critically about what direction you might take your design. I would not have gone the direction I did with my challenge if I wasn’t forced to consider these elements, the constraints were very constructive.

— Bon Ku, MD, Director, JeffDESIGN, Starter Pack launch event in Philadelphia, PA


Message in a Bottle Challenge JeffDESIGN


Wearing Scrubs to Design Engine at JeffDESIGN

While your next session might not be focused on medical/healthcare solutions, consider how the addition of overarching goal or design methodology might transform your Design Engine experience. Here are some of the guiding questions we have found helpful to provide structure to the design process, no matter your goal or framework.

  • For whom are you designing this solution? Do you have in mind a specific individual rather than a type?
  • Who else might appreciate your solution?
  • Who would hate it, and why? (And do you care?)
  • What is your invention called?
  • Is it a one-off or series?
  • Is there an existing product similar to your solution If so, how is your idea an improvement?
  • How much would your solution cost to construct?
  • How much would you expect to charge for your solution should it be mass produced?


Design Engine at JeffDESIGN

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