Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 8

Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge: Week 8

  • Contributed by Lizabeth Arum and Matt Griffin
    Oct 23, 2017
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Welcome to the Ultimaker Design Engine Starter Pack—a card game created to provoke, inspire, and entertain students, educators, 3D designers, artists, and engineers of all experience levels. Specially created for the 2017 back to school season, this weekly series puts the power of design back into the hands of educators and their students.

From September 5th until October 31st, 2017, the North American community team will pose weekly challenges by drawing cards from the Design Engine Starter Pack, and we invite you to participate. If you submit at least four solutions, you will have the chance to win an Ultimaker 2 Extended+! (See the Challenge: Week 1 post for further challenge and prize details!)

This week introduces our final challenge. You have until November 27th to complete as many challenges as possible. Remember, you only have to solve four of the eight to be eligible to win a 3D printer. We'll be announcing the winners on December 11th.


challenge 8

For this last challenge we will be running a players choice, where each player selects which side of each parameter is in play.

Challenge card

Study this card to identify the design problem that your solution must solve.

Challenge card #1

"Puzzled?" Design both a puzzle and its packaging.

Parameter cards

The Parameter cards transform the challenge by providing additional consideration to address in the design.

Parameter Card #1

Water | Land

Parameter Card #2

Reveal | Enclose

For further details how to participate in the weekly Ultimaker Design Engine Challenge series, refer to the challenge details in the Challenge: Week 1 post.

Design Engine night @ Shop3D.ca in Toronto


Working on Ideas - Illdsjel Design Engine Games Night - IMG_20170921_182227

Angel Maurice Song from Shop3D.CA shared details from the Design Engine games night they held just before CMTS (Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show) at the makerspace within Illdsjel in Toronto, a local arts and culture collaboration and innovation space. She has this to say:

"First off let me start by saying it went over fantastically! Everyone there absolutely loved the game!  There were a ton of laughs and everyone was very involved in the game. Everything from naming their products, to the design and explaining how they played into the themes got everyone very involved.


More Show Me the Money ideas - Illdsjel Design Engine Games Night


Show Me the Money ideas - Illdsjel Design Engine Games Night

Things they loved:

  • The fact that the game, while simple in nature, forces people to be creative and is a great way of bringing that out.
  • They had the freedom to interpret with open ideas instead of strict guidelines.
  • They could have fun with the Design Engine.

Overall, it was an incredible reception and they've actually been asking about how to get a copy of the game and if we'd like to host another one."

— Angel Maurice Song, Shop3D.CA

Post your final projects to Youmagine by Nov 27th!

Now that all eight challenges have been posted for the Design Engine Challenge, participants have between now and November 27th to complete their projects and post them to Youmagine with a "#UltimakerDesignEngine" tag in order to compete for the prizes. Post solutions for a minimum of four challenges to be eligible for the top prize: an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D Printer.

We will announce the winners on December 11th!

We would like to thank everyone for their participation so far — and we cannot wait to see your many design challenge solutions. As always, we would love to hear your feedback, so join the discussion on our forum and let us know all about your experience, and any questions you have while you post your creations!