3D printing fun for Halloween

3D printing fun for Halloween

Pioneer Jason Garnett shares a riveting (pun intended) technique to help you make your spooky skeletons with movable joints just in time for Halloween.

  1. Find JPEG file

    I did a google image search for skeleton paper dolls and decided on this skeleton:

    skeleton puppet

    Stick with simple black and white designs and use Photoshop to clean up any unwanted parts of the image. If you’re a better artist than me, I’d encourage drawing something original.

  2. Convert JPEG to SVG

    I converted the JPEG to a SVG file using this free site.

  3. Import the SVG file an STL with Tinkercad

    Once the file is in Tinkercad you can resize it and play with the Z axis to get your desired thickness. Add holes at all the joints. Since I’m using 2.85mm filament to create the rivets, I made the holes 3mm to leave a little room for movement.

    skeleton in tinkercad

    skeleton detail

  4. Open your STL file into your slicing software and print!

    skeleton printed

  5. Make rivets out of filament for the joints

    Using scraps of PLA filament about 30mm long, I melted one end using a hot knife and presssed it on a flat surface. Then I connected the joints, trimmed the filament down and melted and flattened the other side. Be very careful not to burn yourself!



If you’d like to make this particular design, I’ve put the STL file on Thingiverse. Or experiment with your own creations.