Company update: Breakaway support material and 0.25 mm AA print core now available

Company update: Breakaway support material and 0.25 mm AA print core now available

  • Written by Matt Jani
    Dec 5, 2017
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Our goal is to help professional users by introducing a fast, efficient support for engineering materials such as ABS and CPE+, which help to achieve the same surface quality finish as dissolvable support, with less time and cost.

3D printing with support material gives users freedom in various geometries, but can also have limitations, such as surface imperfections, or extended post-processing time. Our new range of products aim to overcome these limitations to create a better 3D printing workflow.

Breakaway - an alternative support material

Our range of support materials for dual extrusion is expanding. By offering a range of different support materials, alternative post-processing workflows are possible, each with their own individual advantages. The latest addition is to our support material range is Breakaway.

Breakaway is a white-colored support material that prints with reliable adhesion to build materials such as ABS. Breakaway can be quickly and easily removed from prints: simply hold the print and break away the support material using either gripping pliers, cutting pliers, a knife, or by hand. After removing the support material, a smooth surface quality will be left in supported areas. Gloves can be used, but are not essential. Although it is a support material, Breakaway is used with an 0.4 mm AA print core.

Removing Breakaway

Step 1 - Tear

Remove the majority of the inner support structure with gripping or cutting pliers.


Step 2 - Peel

Grab and peel the Breakaway support from the build material.


Step 3 - Pull

Remove the last traces with pliers or tweezers. Supported areas will be left with a smooth surface finish.


Post processing with Breakaway is completely dry, which makes it ideal for printing with water-sensitive materials. The added advantage is that Breakaway support will achieve the same surface finish as water-soluble support. With quick and easy post-processing, designers and engineers can spend more time perfecting their concepts.

Other advantages to Breakaway are shelf life and price. Breakaway is not affected by environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and using it is more cost efficient than using other support materials.

Breakaway is compatible with a wider range of build materials compared to water-soluble material:

Support material compatibility

Detailed examples of when to use each type of support material are discussed here.

Introducing the 0.25 mm AA print core - for extra-high detail prints

By popular demand, we have a new addition to our range of print cores.

0.25 mm print core
The new 0.25 mm AA print core features an extra-fine 0.25 mm nozzle width.

Compatible with the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended, the 0.25 mm AA print core is ideal for prints that require detailed surface quality.

Comparison photos
The left jig was printed with a 0.4 mm AA print core, and the right jig was printed with a 0.25 mm AA print core. A key advantage of the 0.25 mm AA print core is the ability to print fine details and text, which is not as easily achievable with other print cores.

This new addition to our print core range will be offered in type AA. Users will now have the advantage of extra-fine detail prints, with the added advantage of dual extrusion - enabling two color prints, or various material combinations with extra-fine detail. Different nozzle sizes can be quickly and easily hot swapped, without the need to use any tools.

Potential applications

Using an 0.25 mm AA print core is useful for a variety of applications, such as aesthetically detailed prints, thin-walled objects, printing markings and fine text, and tolerance fit parts, e.g. hardware fasteners such as nuts and bolts.

Potential use cases include microfluidics, dental model casting, architectural models, and fine mechanical parts, such as small gears.

Material compatibility

The 0.25 mm AA print core is fully compatible with the following Ultimaker materials:

Material print core compatibility

Ultimaker Cura profiles make things easier

Compatible material and print core profiles for the 0.25 mm AA print core and Breakaway are included in the latest version of Ultimaker Cura. Each profile is developed by our team of material engineers, and will guarantee consistently high-quality results, so each user can spend less time experimenting, and more time printing.

Pricing and availability

The 0.25 mm AA print core will ship with one item in retail packaging and will be offered at a similar retail price as currently available print cores: 99.95 Euro (114.95 USD).

Breakaway will come as a 750g spool and will be offered at a retail price of 54.50 Euro (69.95 USD). Both of these items are available for purchase now.

What do you think?

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. How can your prints be improved by these products? Can you think of additional use cases? Tell us on our official forum.