Math, art, and interactivity at Construct3D 2018

This October 5 to 8, Ultimaker is proud to sponsor the 2018 Construct3D Conference at Georgia Tech. Construct3D is an academic digital fabrication conference with a primary focus on 3D printing and design. Teachers, practitioners, technologists, designers, students, and academics from K12, higher education, libraries, and makerspaces will come together at Construct3D to share their experience and learn from the community.

This year, Construct3D will have three major keynote addresses, including Larry Rosenstock, CEO of High Tech High Charter Schools, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg from the design studio Nervous Systems, and mathematical sculptor and 3D pioneer George Hart.

George Hart will also lead a massive community building project at Construct3D. He is an expert at modular mathematical structures that can be put together by large groups of people, and has constructed numerous community builds at other events, such as the neutrino-inspired SNO-ball he built at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Similarly, he also built an elaborate six-foot Erubescence construction with students in North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida. Here’s what these sculptures looked like when completed:


The two sculptures above were made from a large number of intricate laser-cut wood pieces connected together with simple zip-ties. At Construct3D, George Hart is going to do something a little different. The main building pieces will be simple wooden dowels, but the connectors will be complicated. In fact, they will be 3D printed!

George Hart will use mathematics to design 3D-printable connectors that hold wooden dowels at exact angles, calculated to come together into a 9-foot-high dome spire. In the weeks leading up to the Construct3D event, participants will be able to sign up to print one or more of the 200 or so connecting pieces that will be used in the sculpture. They will also be able to customize and personalize their printed pieces so that their school or organization is represented in the final sculpture, and to win prizes in a lottery based on the number of pieces they contributed.

We're also holding a special promotion leading up to Construct3D. Educators who purchase a new Ultimaker 3D printer in the United States and Canada from July 1 to September 7 will receive a free registration ($350 value) for Construct3D 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, taking place October 5 to 8. The offer is valid while supplies last and is available to schools, libraries, and makerspaces. Find more details here.

The design of the Construct3D sculpture is still being finalized, so you’ll have to come to the conference to see what it looks like! Register for Construct3D now and reserve your hotel room at a special conference rate. Check out the preliminary Construct3D schedule for an overview of the talks, workshops, and events. We'll see you there!