Company update: Ultimaker S5 aluminum build plate

Company update: Ultimaker S5 aluminum build plate

  • Written by Team Ultimaker
    Dec 19, 2018

When we launched the Ultimaker S5 earlier this year, we announced that it would feature an aluminum build plate to ship in fall 2018. We have been working hard to overcome the significant challenges involved in the development process, but as this is taking longer than expected, we have decided not to release the build plate as initially communicated. Instead we will offer existing and new Ultimaker S5 customers an additional glass build plate as an alternative.

With a second glass build plate, all Ultimaker S5 users will benefit from increased printer uptime and production output.

To make your 3D printing workflow more efficient, you can quickly remove one build plate and insert another to start your next print without waiting to remove the print and clean the build plate.

The entire Ultimaker material range can still be printed with a glass build plate. Check our compatibility advice to see if adhesions sheets are recommended for your chosen material.

How to claim your build plate

If you have already purchased an Ultimaker S5 and registered to receive an aluminum build plate via the website link included in the packaging, you will receive a second glass build plate as an alternative. The glass plate will be delivered to the address you provided, free of charge.

If you purchased an Ultimaker S5 but have not yet registered to receive a build plate, you can do so here.

Each new Ultimaker S5 will come with two glass build plates.

We will keep working on developing a 3D printing experience that offers the best possible build plate adhesion and release, so be sure to follow our social media channels and email newsletters for future updates.