Firmware 5.2 beta

Firmware 5.2 beta available for the Ultimaker S5

  • Written by Matt Jani
    Feb 28, 2019
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We're beta testing a new firmware update for the Ultimaker S5. This new beta offers a better user experience, with model-based active leveling, a new diagnostic, and various bug fixes.

Please note: This is firmware that is still in the beta phase, and still under development. If you are using your Ultimaker S5 for an important project, we encourage you to use the latest stable firmware.

What's new?

Remote printing. In combination with the latest beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.0 and an Ultimaker account, test the new remote printing feature. Send print jobs to your Ultimaker S5 from anywhere in the world and stay informed of the print process no matter where you are.

Model-based active leveling. We have revisited the active leveling process to make it more efficient. Instead of probing the entire build plate, just the footprint of the model is probed before a print begins, and if any nozzles are disabled they are skipped from the process so that printing can begin much faster. Note: Model-based active leveling works when prepared with latest beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.0, when 'print all at once' is enabled.

Filament runout detection. We have optimized filament runout detection so that it is material-specific for greater accuracy. Filament flow settings are now embedded in the UFP file.

Leveling sensor test. We've added a new item in the maintenance menu of the Ultimaker S5. The leveling sensor test checks if the capacitive sensor in the print head is working properly, to keep it in top condition and to let you know if maintenance is needed.

Various bug fixes. For a better user experience, we've reduced the noise when lowering the build plate when a print is complete. The internal lights of the Ultimaker S5 can now be completely turned off. The bed temperature for TPU materials is optimized during XY calibration for better reliability.

Known issues

Material may over-retract after a print is finished, causing the next print to start with some under-extrusion. Using a brim for prints should be enough to prevent this.

Try it yourself

Try this beta update on your Ultimaker S5 by navigating to the maintenance menu and installing the latest ‘testing’ firmware.

An Ultimaker account gives you access to Ultimaker Cloud services, and our community of 3D printing experts, where you can share your feedback on this beta update and help us to make the stable release even better.