Behind the scenes at the Maker Faire

Maker Faire NYC 2014: Recap!

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Maker Faire NYC 2014 is over and we are looking back at a very successful edition once again. We got off from a rocky start, when we brought our big Ultimaker booth and the organization positioned us at a downhill field of grass in a small tent.

After a brainstorm session with the organization we agreed that the Makershed would be our best bet to set up our booth.

Even though we were not at the 3D printing village, where one would expect to find Ultimaker, it was one of the busiest spots we went to. That was partially due to the location but I believe that was also due to some of the amazing 3D printed work we had with us made by the community.

The Ultimaker team!

Allow me to do a show and tell about what kind of 3D prints we had with us and who made them!

At the show there are a lot of things that deserve attention and also attract your attention. But, with all the amazing stuff you see on the Maker Faire, I believe no one could beat who we brought with us: Mr Barnacules himself.

Jerry Berg, aka Barnacules

With a respectable 56 autographs and I think over 300 pictures he kept himself busy. Luckily he didn’t come empty handed and he brought with him the Master Chief helmet he printed fully on the Ultimaker. A friend of his helped paint it and all the effort shows. The helmet was full size, resulting in a popular prop in many pictures which float around in social media now.

Jerry with his Master Chief helmet

With the Master Chief helmet being a prop from a video game, we felt we also had to do something for the ladies. A few weeks before the Maker Faire NYC we ran into Chris van den Elzen in the Netherlands. A very talented young designer who has been using the Ultimaker to design unique custom made shoes and heels. He was generous enough to lend us a pair to showcase our feminine side. (Yes, even you have one!) Shoes are a rather popular fashion item for 3D printing and we know several other community members working in this field. More about Chris and them later.

Made by Chris van den Elzen

A design we talked about before but never stops amazing me is the Ronin Figurine, made by Aaron Thomas. This year we invited Aaron Thomas himself and his work got tons of attention, he even got several interviews on our booth. When Aaron finished his first generation Ronin we spoke about future projects. We agreed on that a lot of people are still somewhat limited to the printing size and we decided to show that the print volume doesn’t have to be a limiting factor.

Ronin figurine by Aaron Thomas

For Ultimaker Aaron Thomas designed and printed a 3feet tall Ronin Figurine which bravely survived the entire show while standing on a table. (My heart did skip several beats during the weekend.. so many backpacks..)

3 feet Ronin by Aaron Thomas

Being one of our most popular designs we couldn’t have this one not be in our collection; the Valcrow Lightsaber! With his amazing print and painting skills it was an equally big hit on the Maker Faire as it was on YouMagine. If you felt inspired and also want to join the force and impress the ladies with your own lightsaber Valcrow made a tutorial on how to print and paint one yourself!

Designed, printed and painted by Jacky aka Valcrow

One of the final pieces of this tour is certainly not the least. A fully 3D printed wearable dress, the inBloom Dress by XYZ Workshop. It debuted last year on a fashion show in New York and it was happy to come back where it was first seen by public. This time being the Maker Faire. The inBloom Dress is also open sourced through YouMagine so that everyone is able to download the files and print it themselves!

inBloom Dress by XYZ Workshop

When Maker Faire was over we boxed everything up and some of us went home. Back in the Netherlands we've heard from XYZ Workshop that they've received an invitation from the White House to have the inBloom Dress on display! I can only imagine how XYZ Workshop must feel when getting this invite and recognition for their work. More info on this at our blog.

To celebrate our move to the US we wanted to make it into a little party at the Maker Faire NYC. And with a party are always gifts. Every day we gave 1 Ultimaker away to one of our visitors who convinced us they loved making, through #iLoveMaking. The winners are Bradley Theodore and the Washington DC FabLab.

Congratulations guys!

The Ultimaker 2 winner, Bradley Theodore

To recap, Maker Faire NYC was awesome once again. Being there with our community members, showcasing some of their great designs and having community members visit our booth was an amazing experience.

Thanks everyone for visiting and see you next time!