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Posted Sep 6, 2017 - 10:30 AM  

Thought I would ask on this forum if anyone can give me some input on making a model ship using 3d printing. I am not a ship modeler and have no experience with CAD or 3d printers. The above name ship built in 1880's was a very ornate Victorian style ship. My wife's GGG Uncle was a Captain on the India. She and her two sister ships were the first iron hulled passenger ships on the Great Lakes.

I've looked for years on ebay and the internet for old or existing models to no avail.

I just purchased a wood model on ebay that has close to the same hull shape and am considering jumping in.

I have dozens of old photos of her. Over the years I've looked at things like photogrammetery and the different cad stuff wondering about the possibilities to make a model, specifically the various ornate parts. Round windows and shutters, the cupola structure on top etc. I'm a pretty smart guy but this is all pretty much beyond my skill set. Things like CAD, Scale, converting pictures, the actual printing etc etc.

I have searched quite a while and have yet to see any discussion or info about using 3d printers and converting photographs to make a ship model.

So I thought I would try to start a discussion here. And ask if anyone would consider helping..IE make the necessary file and print parts for a fee. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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You might get some answers here.  I recommend you instead learn how to use DSM (design spark mechanical).  After modeling your 10th part you will be an expert.  And print them through using PLA.

You can also find designers on and they are in countries where labor is cheaper.  If you post a few photos of an object and ask for a model of it you will get quotes within 30 seconds.  Very easy to use.  on't pick the first person.  Wait a few minutes and read their reviews.  They tend to just pick some random price out of their head and then when you pick them the actual negotiating starts.  That is because most people pick a designer within 30 seconds.  so they are pressured to reply within 30 seconds.  But once you get used to it is great.

Then print the parts through

But seriously - consider learning DSM. There are thousands of training videos on how to use it and you will be more proud of your work and you will learn a valuable new skill and will start using this skill to print other things for your house such as new knobs for your stove.

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