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Posted Apr 23, 2015 - 9:33 AM • Edited  Apr 29, 2015 - 1:54 AM
Used in: Medicine
3D printer: Ultimaker 2
Material: CPE
Color: Other
Nozzle diameter: 0.40 mm
Layer resolution: 81-100 micron
Print time: 6-8 hours
Temperature: 250˚ C
Fill density: 30 %

I printed this hand for a girl in our neighbourhood. She's as cute a 6 year old as you can find. She has one hand with, and the other without fingers. We printed here a "new" hand that she can now show off to people. Immediately she could pick up and hold things. Her range of motion was still quite limited. When the physician that was treating her changed the Velcro straps, she could really use it much better.

You can go to https://e-Nable.YouMagine.com to generate customised files for this design. Also, sign up at http://enablingthefuture.org to help a hand!

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