The below image shows you the main screen of Cura with the most important functionalities. Here you can load and adjust 3D models and select the prefered print profile, after which Cura will convert the 3D model to a 3D print file.

Main screen-2
The main screen

  1. Menu bar: gives you access to preferences, machine settings and profiles.
  2. Quick print profiles: default print profiles that can be used directly.
  3. Support structure: offers the option to add support to the print
  4. Load button: click this button to load a 3D model in Cura.
  5. Save button: with this button 3D print files can be saved to your computer or directly on the SD card (if inserted).
  6. YouMagine button: use this button to directly share 3D files on
  7. View modes: use different view modes to check the printability of your model and to view the print path.
  8. Rotate: rotate the model in the X, Y or Z direction.
  9. Scale: change the (outer) dimensions of the 3D model.
  10. Mirror: use this option to mirror the 3D model in X, Y or Z direction.
  11. Visualization: shows the platform of the Ultimaker with the loaded 3D model(s).