Preparing a print file

When you use Cura for the first time you will see the Ultimaker robot model positioned on the platform. You can start converting this model into a print file, but if you want to use another model you can simply remove the Ultimaker robot model via “Preferences” > “Clear platform” or by a secondary click on the model and selecting “Delete object”.

Delete object
Remove the model from the platform by selecting "Delete object"

Converting process

The basic process of converting a 3D model to a print file in Cura is described below.

  1. Load a 3D model (STL, OBJ, DAE or AMF file) into Cura via the “Load” button.
  2. Select one of the “quickprint” profiles to use a default profile for your print, or switch to the “Full settings” via “Expert” > “Switch to full settings” if you want to have more control over the settings.
  3. After you have done the settings and Cura has converted the file, you can save the print file (G-code file) via the “Save toolpath” button to your computer or directly on the SD card when inserted.
  4. At last, you can simply eject the SD card from your computer (make sure to safely remove it) and place the it in your Ultimaker to start the print.

Below the “Save toolpath” button you will also see some information about the print. Cura will give an indication on the print time, required amount of material and weight of the print based on the settings that are used.

Note: you might notice a running progress bar just below the load button; this indicates that Cura is preparing the print file. This process will be restarted once a 3D model has been loaded or change in the print settings has been made.

Quick print profiles

Below you can find a short overview on the basic settings for each of the quick print profiles.

Fast print

Layer height: 0.15 mm

Shell thickness: 1 mm

Fill density: 10%

Normal quality

Layer height: 0.1 mm

Shell thickness: 0.8 mm

Fill density: 20%

High quality

Layer height: 0.06 mm

Shell thickness: 0.8 mm

Fill density: 20%

Ulti quality

Layer height: 0.04 mm

Shell thickness: 0.8 mm

Fill density: 20%