Adjusting the model

Cura offers several ways of adjusting the model before printing it. This doesn't mean that you can change the actual shape of the model, but you can for example change its position and dimensions.


The icon on the left side shows the Rotate button; it allows you to rotate the model in the X, Y or Z direction. By selecting one of the axes and moving your mouse you can rotate the object with an angle of 15 degrees. You can also rotate the object with an angle of 1 degree by holding “Shift”.

Rotate the model with an angle of 15 degrees

Once the Rotate button has been selected a few more options will pop up just above the Rotate button. The “Reset” button offers the possibility to resets the model to its original position. By using the “Lay flat” option your model will be placed flat on the surface of the build plate. This can become handy when your model doesn’t have a completely flat surface or when it doens’t load correctly in Cura. The model will be placed on the “flat” surface closest to the build plate.


The middle icon is the Scale button. This option can be used to change the dimensions of the model in X, Y and Z direction. Scaling can be done by clicking and dragging the (square) scaling icons that appear on the model, or by changing the numeric values that appear in the box just above the Scale button. You can either use a scale factor to change the dimensions or enter the exact size. A model will be scaled in all directions simultaneously by default, but you can unlock “Uniform scale” in order to scale in each direction independently.

Scale the model by dragging it

Furthermore a “Reset” and “Scale to max” button will be shown above the Scale button. The Reset button allows you to reset the model to its original dimensions. By using the Scale to max option the model will be scaled to the maximum size that fits in the machine.


The most right icon at the bottom is the “Mirror” button. This can be used to flip the model in either the X, Y or Z direction.