Updating firmware

Once in a while a new Cura version and firmware version are released. In order to stay up to date it is therefore recommended to download the latest version of Cura once available and update your Ultimaker with the latest firmware as well. The latest version of Cura (including latest firmware version) can always be found on the Software page.

In order to install the latest firmware to your Ultimaker, follow the steps described below.

1. Connect it

Connect the Ultimaker to your computer with the USB cable. For the Ultimaker 2 Family and Ultimaker Original+ you also need to attach the power supply and turn the Ultimaker on.

2. Uploading firmware

Start Cura and go to “Machine” > “Install default firmware” (make sure the correct Ultimaker is selected in the “Machine menu”). Cura will now automatically upload the latest firmware to your Ultimaker.