Advanced settings are usually only changed if you have specific needs for which the default settings are not sufficient.


The nozzle size is a machine setting that you can change in the Advanced settings. All Ultimakers have a nozzle with a diameter of 0.4 mm, but if you’re experimenting with a different nozzle you can set the correct diameter here.

Retraction (only UMO/UMO+)

Here you can see the speed and distance with which the filament is retracted. The default settings will work fine for most prints, but if you’re using other materials or have prints with many retractions you might need to change these settings for the best results.


There are some more settings related to the layers and quality of the print. The initial layer thickness defines the thickness of the first layer of the print. By default this is set to 0.3 mm, which might be rather thick, but it will make it easier to print the first layer and make sure it sticks well. Also the “cut off object bottom” setting is an option that can be very handy. It allows you to lower the position of the model so it sinks through the platform. This can be desired if the bottom of the model is not completely flat or if you just want to print part of the model.

Cut off object bottom
The model is sunk 12 mm into the platform


Besides a default settings for print speed in the Basic tab you can also set the speed for specific parts in the print. You can change the speed with which for example the infill or bottom layer are printed separately.


As cooling of the plastic is very important there are also some cooling parameters that you can set to your needs. The cooling fan is enabled by default and you can change the minimal layer time. The minimal layer time defines the minumum time it has to take for printing one layer. This way we ensure that the plastic has enough time to cool down, before starting the next layer.