Lubricate the lead screw of the Z motor

The lead screw is connected to the Z motor and controls the movements of the Z stage. To ensure smooth movement of the Z stage, it is recommended to periodically apply Magnalube to the lead screw.

Over time, the Magnalube may need to be reapplied to maintain consistent and accurate movement of the Z stage. Do this once every three months. A tube of Magnalube is included in the accessory box of the Ultimaker 2+.

Lubricate the lead screw

  1. Make sure that the build plate is positioned at the bottom of the Ultimaker 2+.
  2. Apply a small amount of Magnalube to the lead screw of the Z motor.
  3. In the Ultimaker menu, navigate to Maintenance > Advanced.
  4. Select “Raise build plate” and then “Lower build plate” to move the build plate up and down to evenly distribute the Magnalube.

Lubricate the lead screw of the Z motor