Spool holder

Take the spool holder and insert the top part in the hole at the back of the Ultimaker 2 Extended+. Push the spool holder down until it snaps into place.

Glass plate

The glass plate is the print surface for prints on your Ultimaker 2 Extended+. We are going to install it the following way.

Open up the two build plate clamps at the front of the build plate and gently slide the glass plate onto the build plate. Make sure it snaps into the build plate clamps at the back and close the two build plate clamps at the front to secure it.

Power supply

Plug one end of the power cable into the power brick and the other end into the wall socket. Next, connect the power supply to the Ultimaker 2 Extended+. The flat side of the cable needs to point upwards. After this, you can turn the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ on.

Note: Before connecting the power supply, make sure the power switch on the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ is in the “off” position.