Installing the Extrusion Upgrade kit

The Extrusion Upgrade kit allows you to turn your Ultimaker 2 or Ultimaker 2 Extended into an Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+. This guide shows how to install the upgrade kit step by step. In addition to reading our detailed support text guide there are an installation guide video and installation manual (in different languages) available. Both can be found below:

Installation manual in different languages:

Your upgrade kit

Your upgrade kit consists of several parts. Check if all the parts are included before continuing.


  1. Pre-assembled print head
  2. Nozzle kit
  3. Short spool holder
  4. Print head shafts (X and Y)
  5. Hex wrench 2 mm
  6. Pre-assembled feeder
  7. Calibration card
  8. Build plate clamps
  9. Geared feeder mounting plate
  10. M3 ring (2x)
  11. M3 x 10 mm screw (6x)
  12. "+" stickers
  13. Print head axis (dis)assemble tool
  14. Print head alignment tools
  15. Feeder motor
  16. Grease