Replacing the feeder

  • Remove the four screws (M3 x 25 mm) from the feeder. While removing the screws, hold the feeder motor at the inside of the machine to prevent the motor from falling down.
  • Keep the screws and washers and set the feeder and motor aside. You do not need the feeder and feeder motor anymore.
  • Take the new feeder motor and apply some grease (Magnalube) to the small gear. Make sure the entire gear is covered with a thin layer of grease.
  • Place the feeder motor with the wires down on the inside of your Ultimaker and place the geared feeder mounting plate with the hole at the bottom over the four screw holes on the outside.
Note: Do not trap any of the wires next to the feeder motor. Ensure that the wires run between the motor and the frame.

  • Attach the feeder motor to the body with the feeder mounting plate, using the four new screws (M3 x 10 mm) and the washers from the old feeder.
  • Place the feeder on the back with the small lever on the bottom and use the two supplied screws (M3 x 10 mm) with M3 rings around it to attach it.