Installing the new print head

  • Guide the two new print head axles through the new print head. The long axle is the X-axle and the short axle is the Y-axle.
  • Place the print head in its original position and ensure that each axle is between the belts. The X-axle runs from left to right and the Y-axle runs from front to back.
  • Align the axles to each sliding block.
  • Place the print head axis (dis)assemble tools on either side of the sliding blocks.
  • Click the X-axle in the left sliding block and push down until it snaps into place. Support the sliding block as much as possible when you snap the axle into place.
  • Repeat the steps for the other side of the X-axle and the front and back of the Y-axle.

Note: Ensure that the axles are put in centrally with equal space on each side and that there is at least 1 mm distance between the axle and the frame. Double-check that the left side of the X-axle is activating the Y limit switch.

Note: Ensure that all sliding blocks are upright.