Disconnecting the cables

Important: While removing the cables, do not pull on the wires. Always pull on the plugs.

  • Take the main board carefully. Ensure that the wires are still connected when you hold the main board.
  • Remove the wires from the green terminal HEATER 1 by pressing the top of the terminal with the flat screwdriver.
Note: If you have an older model of the main board on your Ultimaker, you need to loosen the screws instead of pressing to remove the wires.

  • Disconnect the hot end fan from the middle of the board.
  • Disconnect the feeder motor from E1 on the main board.
  • There’s a ferrite core around the motor cables. Open it so you can remove the feeder motor wire completely. (It’s possible that your Ultimaker is older and doesn’t have the ferrite core).
  • Disconnect the PT100 sensor from TEMP1 on the main board.
  • Disconnect the print head fans from FAN PWM on the main board.
  • Pull the braided sleeve with cables and the feeder motor wire out through the hole in the bottom left corner and the hole in the back plate.
  • Place the Ultimaker back upright and move the build plate down for easier access during the next steps.

Note: When placing the machine upright, take care of where your main board is, so you do not break it.