View modes

Cura offers several ways to view the model. The different views allow checking the model on specific details. There are three different views available.

Solid view

The solid view is selected by default and represents the model as it was digitally created. This way, you can check if the desired model is loaded and whether it is loaded correctly.

  • Select the solid view (1) in the view mode menu (2).
  • Examine the model in the 3D viewer (3,4) for correctness.
  • The model is colored yellow (3) when placed correctly and grey (4) when it is located out of the build plate


  1. Solid view mode
  2. View mode
  3. 3D Viewer, printable model
  4. 3D viewer, model not completely within build plate dimensions

X-Ray view

The X-Ray view allows looking through the model, making it easy to detect missing and superfluous internal geometry. The detected errors in the model are displayed in red. Not all types of errors are displayed, so this is not a guarantee that the model is correct.

  • Select the X-Ray view (1) in the view mode menu (2).
  • Examine the model in the 3D viewer (3) for errors.
  • Examine the errors (4) in the model. Adjust the model in any 3D design application and reload it in Cura.


  1. X-Ray view mode
  2. View mode
  3. 3D viewer
  4. Error in model

Layers view

The layers view represents the print moves of the nozzle(s). This way, the result of all input from the settings panel are visualized, ideal for determining your printing strategy.

  • Select the layers view (2) in the view mode menu.
  • Examine the model in the 3D viewer (5) for the perfect printing strategy.
  • Use multiple color scheme options (3) to get the best view.
  • Toggle different printed parts (1) to get a better view of the layers.
  • Drag the layer slider top (4) to set the top layer number.
  • Drag the layer slider middle part (6) to move the layer range up and down.
  • Drag the layer slider bottom (7) to set the bottom layer number.
  • Input a layer number (8 ) to jump to a specific layer. When the field is selected, the ‘arrow keys’ on the keyboard allow jumping one layer at a time.


  1. Toggle printed parts
  2. View mode
  3. Color scheme options
  4. Layer slider top
  5. Model in 3D viewer
  6. Layer slider middle
  7. Layer slider bottom
  8. Layer number