Adjusting the model

Cura offers several tools to adjust the model before printing. This allows you to easily position models on the build plate in the most efficient way. Below all the adjustment tools are described.

Move tool

Selecting the model (3) automatically opens the move tool (1). The coördinate system (2) can be used to set the specific place of the models. Three arrow handles (4) appear connected to the center of the model, one arrow for each axis.

  • The object can be moved freely by ‘click-and-drag’ anywhere on the object (3).
  • Clicking one of the arrow heads (4) allows the model to be moved on one axis at a time.
  • Note: 'Cut off object bottom' is now done by setting a negative Z-value in the coördinate system(2).


  1. Move move
  2. Coördinate system
  3. Model, click-and-drag move
  4. Arrow handles, move per axis

Scale tool

Select the scale tool (1) to bring up three handles and a tool panel. The model can be scaled on three different ways:

  • Drag one of the handles (5) to scale the object.
  • Use the ‘shift’ key on the keyboard to disable snap scaling (7).
  • Use the ‘control/command’ key on the keyboard to enable uniform scaling (8 ).
  • Set a specific dimension in the tool panel (3), for the X,Y or Z axis.
  • Set a scale percentage in the tool panel (4), for the X,Y or Z axis.
  • Scale the object to the maximum (2) dimensions of the build plate.
  • Reset the object to its original dimensions (6).


  1. Scale tool
  2. Scale to max
  3. Object dimensions in millimeter
  4. Object scale as a percentage
  5. Scale tool handle
  6. Reset the object to its original scale
  7. Snap scaling
  8. Uniform scaling

Rotate tool

Select the rotate tool (1) to bring up a tool panel and three rings around the object, one for every axis. The model can be rotated in the following ways:

  • Drag on of the rings (4) along the axis. While dragging, the rotate angle (5) is displayed next to the mouse pointer.
  • Use the ‘shift’ key on the keyboard to disable snap rotating (6).
  • Reset the object rotations (2) back to the original state.
  • Lay the object flat (3) on the build plate. (Rotate the object close to this position for the tool to always work correctly.)


  1. Rotate tool
  2. Reset
  3. Lay flat
  4. Rotate rings
  5. Rotate angle
  6. Snap rotation

Mirror tool

Select the mirror tool (1) to bring up a tool panel and six arrowheads, two for every axis. To mirror the model:

  • Click one of the arrowheads (2) of the desired direction.


  1. Mirror tool
  2. Mirror arrowheads

Per model settings

With this tool it's possible to adjust settings per model.

Select ‘per model settings’ (1) to bring up a tool panel. The model in the 3D viewer (6) gets highlighted to show which object is being adjusted.

  • Add a custom setting to the object by clicking select settings (2).
  • Choose the extruder to print this model with (3).
  • Select the custom setting in the settings panel (5).
  • Change the value of the setting or remove it with the '-' button (4).


  1. Per object settings
  2. Select settings
  3. Extruder to print this model with*
  4. Setting value
  5. Custom setting panel
  6. Selected model

*Only available on dual extrusion machines