Post processing plugins

The post processing plugins can be found in the top menu. Select ‘Extensions’ → ‘Post processing’ → ‘Modify g-code’. Add a plugin as follows:

  • Select one of the available scripts by clicking the 'Add a script' button (1).
  • Change the order of the script by moving it up (2) or down (3).
  • Remove unwanted scripts by clicking the 'x' (4).
  • Change script values here (5).


  1. Add a script.
  2. Move script up.
  3. Move script down.
  4. Remove the script.
  5. Change script values.

Pause at height

The pause at height plugin allows you to pause the print at a specific height in the model. This can be useful if you want to print part of a model in another color/material, or want to put something inside the print after which it will be closed. When the print has paused you can change material on your printer and resume the print after that.

To activate the plugin, click on the + button. You will now be able to determine the settings for the pause:

  • Head park X and Y: Defines to which position the print head moves while pausing.
  • Pause height: The height at which you want to pause the print.
  • Retraction: How far the filament must be retracted while pausing.

If you want to pause the print at more heights, simply click on the + button again and set the values for the next pause.

Tweak at Z

This plugin gives the opportunity to adjust several settings at a certain height in the print.

To activate tweak at Z, click on the + button. After this you can adjust the following parameters:

  • Trigger: Define if the change should happen at a certain height or layer number.
  • Tweak at height: The height at which the settings should be adjusted.
  • Behavior: Determine whether the tweak is applicable to one layer or to the amount of layers set in the No. layers field.
  • Speed: Adjust the print speed and travel speed.
  • Print speed: Adjust the print speed.
  • Flow rate: Change the amount of material flow.
  • Bed temperature: Change the bed temperature.
  • Extruder temperature: Change the temperature of the nozzle.
  • Fan speed: Adjust the speed at which the print head fans spin.

If you want to use the tweak at z plugin at more heights, simply click on the + button again and set the values for the next tweak.