Manage printers

Although Cura asks you to select your printer during the first start, you can also manage your printers later on. To get there, go to 'Settings', 'Printer' in the menu bar or in the settings panel and select 'Manage printers'.


  1. This (1) is the printers section in the preferences panel.
  2. Click activate (2) to activate the selecter printer in the list below.
  3. Click add (3) to add a new printer to your Cura.
  4. Click remove (4) to remove the currently selected printer in the list.
  5. Click rename (5) to give the current printer a custom name.
  6. This button (6) can be used to update the firmware of the active machine.
  7. Machine settings (7) can be changed depending on the active machine.

Connect network printer

If the printer is set connected to the network, you will find the it in the available printer list (1). If the printer is not visible, try clicking the reset button (5). Select the printer and click the 'connect' button (6). There are options to edit (3) and remove (4) machines as well.

If the printer is not available in the list for some reason, click the 'add' button (2). A pop-up will appear asking for the printers' IP address, which can be found on the printer: Settings -> Network status.


  1. Available printers
  2. Add network printer manually
  3. Edit network printer
  4. Remove network printer
  5. Refresh available printers
  6. Connect to selected network printer

Removing printers

You can always remove printers that you have added to Cura. You can do this in the following way:

  1. Go to Printer in the menu bar or in the settings panel and select Manage printers.
  2. Select the printer you want to remove and then click the Remove button. Confirm by selecting yes in the pop-up.

Rename a printer

Especially when you're using multiple printers it can be useful to name them. You can already give a printer a custom name while adding a new printer, but it's also possible to rename printers after they have been added. To do so, take these steps:

  1. Go to Printer in the menu bar or in the settings panel and select Manage printers.
  2. Select the printer you want to rename and then click the Rename button.
  3. Enter the preferred name and click ‘ok’ to confirm.

Add a custom printer

Ultimaker 3D printers are supported by default, but there is a way to add 3rd party FFF printers as well. This option can also be used if you have modified your Ultimaker machine, which needs different machine settings.

In the 'Add printer screen' click on the 'Custom' category. Choose the option 'Custom FFF Printer'(1). Change the name of your custom printer in the input field at the bottom (2). Click 'Add Printer' (3) to add it.


  1. Custom FFF Printer selection
  2. Custom printer name
  3. Add printer

The next screen provides all the options necessary to configure the custom machine. Change the printer settings (1) dimensions, heated bed option and zero point. Set the printhead settings (2), the values shown are calculated from the tip of the nozzle to the maximum X and Y dimensions. Add custom start and end Gcodes (3) to ensure that your printer starts and ends properly. Click 'finish' (4) to add the printer.


  1. Printer settings
  2. Printhead settings
  3. Start and end Gcode settings
  4. Add printer