Loosening various parts

  1. Place the Ultimaker on its left side and remove the wooden electronics panel, so you can reach the main board.
  2. Remove the heater cartridge cables from Heater 1 by loosening the screws of the green screw terminal with a flat screwdriver.
  3. Place the electronics panel back and place the Ultimaker back upright.
  4. Remove the spiral wrapping from the bowden tube and print head cables.
  5. Remove the clamp clip from the top of the print head and then push on the tube coupling collet while pulling out the bowden tube.
  6. Do the same to remove the bowden tube from the feeder.

    Tip: Tip: Use some tape to mark this end of the bowden tube, so it will be reconnected correctly later on.

Loosening various parts
Loosening the heater cartridge from heater 1
Bowden tube
Removing the spiral wrapping