Taking the print head out of the frame

  1. Unscrew the 30 mm bolt closest to the small wooden C part from each sliding block.
  2. Remove the small wooden C parts from the sliding blocks.
  3. Lift the claws of the left and right sliding block. You can now slightly tilt the sliding blocks towards the center of the Ultimaker, so that the print head X shaft gets loose.
  4. Open the claws of the front and back sliding block. Tilt the sliding blocks slightly so the print head Y shaft gets loose and take the print head housing with the two shafts out of the frame.
  5. Now, take the print head housing and disassemble it. You don’t need the wooden parts anymore, but please keep the other parts.

Print head
Removing the 30 mm bolt
Print head installation
Removing the wooden part C

Sliding block
Opening the claws
Removing the print head
Taking the print head out of the frame

Print head housing
Disassembling the print head housing