Drive bolt assembly

  1. Take the wooden gear and place the M8 hex nut into the corresponding hole. Make sure it is as straight as possible; if the nut is slanted, this might lead to feeder problems later on.
  2. Insert the knurled wheel through the M8 hex nut, until an equal portion of the screw thread can be seen on both sides of the wooden parts.
  3. Attach the cap nut to the screw thread of the knurled wheel. Make sure the cap nut is secured as tight as possible and the knurled wheel stays in the same position.
  4. Place two M8 washers over the knurled wheel. Ensure the flat sides of the washers are facing each other.
  5. Put the drive bolt assembly through the two ball bearings and check if the notch in the knurled wheel is aligned with the ball bearing.
  6. Move the motor inwards so the black gear is pressed against the wooden gear and secure the four M3x20 bolts.
  7. Place the bolt clip around the notch in the knurled wheel to lock the drive bolt assembly in place.

Drive bolt assembly
Placing the M8 hex nut in the wooden gear
Drive bolt assembly
Insert the knurled wheel through the hex nut